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Misk Albahr Almayit - The Inspiration

I was born in Amman, Jordan to a Jordanian mother and English father. My mother was quite the pioneering woman and in fact was the first female to appear on TV in the Middle East, presenting the news in English.

My father's work brought the family back to the UK. Strong family connections are inherent to Arabic culture which mean frequent long summers spent back in Amman.

The thirty minute drive from Amman to the Dead Sea is beautifully scenic. Winding sand dunes, fruit sellers by the highway and shepherds herding their livestock. Eventually the beautiful Dead Sea comes in...

4160 Tuesdays Opal Workshop

On Wednesday I attended a workshop run by 4160 Tuesdays in collaboration with Gill Wing Jewellery in Islington. 

Gill Wing currently have a fascinating exhibition called Fire and Facets. Several designers have created stunning pieces of jewellery each with opal stone at their heart. 

"Each opal has been hand cut for this special show by Loren Gurche of Ancients 17. Loren is a paleontology student who carves natural gemstones in between excavating dinosaur skeletons. His magical opals caught the imagination of social media queen A Thousand Facets, known for championing independent designers by sharing them online to jewellery lovers all...

Broken Wings, Glenn Close and The Exorcist

As many of you know, as well as being the nose for , I work as an actor in the West End.
Today I started rehearsals for my next show "Broken Wings" by Kahlil Gibran, which will open in the West End in a few weeks. The show tells the story of a family in Beirut who slowly but surely move their lives to America in search of...

Fragrance Shopping in London - My Top 4

London has some incredible fragrance houses. Some of those are in the huge department stores such as Harrods and Selfridges; my preferred ones are much smaller and more curated.

My problem with some of the large stores is there tend to only be a few staff who share a true passion for fragrance. I recently went in to Selfridges and told a member of sales staff that I was looking for an ambergris scent; I was met with silence. I don't blame that staff member for not knowing the minutia - it just isn't the environment I want to shop...

Rook Perfumes featured on Popular Fragrance VLOG

Rook Perfumes have been featured in the latest FragChat VLOG by frag bloggers Mr. Smelly and Smurfy Gurly. You can see the video here: