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4160 Tuesdays Opal Workshop

On Wednesday I attended a workshop run by 4160 Tuesdays in collaboration with Gill Wing Jewellery in Islington. 

Gill Wing currently have a fascinating exhibition called Fire and Facets. Several designers have created stunning pieces of jewellery each with opal stone at their heart. 

"Each opal has been hand cut for this special show by Loren Gurche of Ancients 17. Loren is a paleontology student who carves natural gemstones in between excavating dinosaur skeletons. His magical opals caught the imagination of social media queen A Thousand Facets, known for championing independent designers by sharing them online to jewellery lovers all over the world. This sparked the idea to invite some of her favourite U.K designers to each make a special piece of jewellery using a bespoke opal cut for their contemporary designs."

I had many favourites but if I had to choose it would be the Max Danger UFO brooch.

Max Danger brook, Fire and Facets collection, Gill Wing Jewellery

Then came the perfume! Sarah from 4160 and her assistant Harry had created two fragrances inspired by opals. Sarah told us how she had used notes that were bright and "sparkled" like the stones. Harry had taken a more abstract approach and been inspired by a photograph of a cave where opals might be mined. 

Opal Lights by Sarah had notes of rose, neroli, Australian desert rosewood and the exotic (and expensive) boronia. You can purchase it here: http://www.gillwingjewellery.co.uk/new-products/opal-lights-opal-inspired-perfume-by-4160-tuesdays

Lightning Ridge by Harry had notes of incense, stone accord, boronia, orris, patchouli and musk. This was my favourite of the two as it really resonated with the Rook notion of "bottling a moment." The opening was really earthy and evocative and I particularly liked the stone accord. You can purchase it here: http://www.gillwingjewellery.co.uk/new-products/lightning-ridge-exclusive-perfume-by-4160-tuesdays

During the two hour workshop we were allowed to sniff and try to identify each individual ingredient. Sarah gave us a little bit of background on the more eclectic ingredients such as honey myrtle and Buddha wood oil from Australia. We were then allowed to play with the ingredients and make our own creations. 

It was fantastic to be around so many experienced and less experienced perfume lovers who all shared such a passion for the art. It is also amazing how self conscious people felt about their creations and how pleased they were when others enjoyed what they had made. 

I stayed true to form and created a very woody and earthy vetiver and neroli scent with a hint of Boronia and musk! 

You can read more about the Fire and Facets collection here: http://www.gillwingjewellery.co.uk/blog/2018/7/24/fire-facets-new-opal-jewellery-exhibition-at-gill-wing

Also check out 4160 Tuesdays if you aren't already familiar with their work: https://www.4160tuesdays.com/

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