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Broken Wings, Glenn Close and The Exorcist

As many of you know, as well as being the nose for Rook.co.uk , I work as an actor in the West End.
Today I started rehearsals for my next show "Broken Wings" by Kahlil Gibran, which will open in the West End in a few weeks. The show tells the story of a family in Beirut who slowly but surely move their lives to America in search of a better life.
I have always been interested in the use of smell in theatre. I recently saw a terrible stage version of The Exorcist. Though the production was truly awful, they pumped scented smoke in to the auditorium which transported you from the desert of the Middle East to the incense laden catholic church. A fantastic immersive device. When I performed in "Sunset Boulevard" with Glenn Close; Glenn always wore the same rose scent which helped her connect with her character, Norma Desmond.
Whilst reading the script today I loved the descriptions of the forests of Lebanon. Gibran writes about the fresh welcoming smell of pine and the way the smell of cedar warms the morning air. It immediately made me think of our fragrance, Forest. Cypress, pine, cannabis, cedarwood and white musk. It was interesting reading about a place that I had imagined when I created Forest and then in turn having flashes of the scent of Forest in my mind as I read the description.
I intend to take a bottle or two into rehearsals tomorrow. I wonder how changing the scent of our rehearsal space will affect the process.
More about Broken Wings here: http://www.trh.co.uk/whatson/broken-wings/

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