Fragrance Shopping in London - My Top 4

London has some incredible fragrance houses. Some of those are in the huge department stores such as Harrods and Selfridges; my preferred ones are much smaller and more curated.

My problem with some of the large stores is there tend to only be a few staff who share a true passion for fragrance. I recently went in to Selfridges and told a member of sales staff that I was looking for an ambergris scent; I was met with silence. I don't blame that staff member for not knowing the minutia - it just isn't the environment I want to shop in. If someone has to Google the key notes for me - they lost a customer.

One of my favourites hall is in Liberty. I have shopped there for years and the staff know me well. They know every corner of that room and are always happy to lay out a line of fragrances for you to enjoy. I love how they buzz around the shop handpicking their favourites for you to try.

Next up is Avery Perfume Gallery. Nestled in a cute backstreet close to Oxford Circus. Avery sell their own line of fragrances as well as some fantastic niche brands. I love E and R by Avery and also Twist de Bois. It is also where I first discovered the beautiful California Snow by A Lab On Fire ( - sprayed on to a black feather rather than a blotting card! The staff are as excited about fragrance as I am and that is infectious. 

Bloom Perfumery just off Long Acre in Covent Garden is also a gem. Bloom is the place to go if you're looking for the likes of Zoologist ( and a personal favourite Beaufort ( They also offer an exceptional service where you can buy a sample decant of ANY fragrance they stock.

Perhaps an unexpected place to buy fragrance is Fortnum and Mason on Piccadilly. They have a vast range of super luxury and niche fragrance. I love the fact that they stock the big niche power brands but also clearly support small indie brands similar to Rook - maybe one day we will adorn their shelves!

There are of course many others! What are you favourite places to shop for fragrance?

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