Misk Albahr Almayit - The Inspiration

I was born in Amman, Jordan to a Jordanian mother and English father. My mother was quite the pioneering woman and in fact was the first female to appear on TV in the Middle East, presenting the news in English.

My father's work brought the family back to the UK. Strong family connections are inherent to Arabic culture which mean frequent long summers spent back in Amman.

The thirty minute drive from Amman to the Dead Sea is beautifully scenic. Winding sand dunes, fruit sellers by the highway and shepherds herding their livestock. Eventually the beautiful Dead Sea comes in to view and your mind prepares to shift in to relaxation mode. In the distance is the Holy Land - steeped in history and religion.

Floating in the Dead Sea is an incomparable experience. You float as if weightless. The saline water makes its presence known in every minor abrasion on your body. Painful but powerfully healing.

The warm sunshine pours on to you skin. There is a distinct mineralic smell of the salty air. You cover your skin with the Dead Sea mud collected in buckets for your convenience on the pebbled bay. Once it hardens you re-enter the water and and rinse it off to reveal your new skin - rising like a phoenix.

You skin is left with a close, comforting and unique scent. This is Misk Albahr Almayit.

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