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You won't offend me...

Sometimes when people smell a fragrance I have made, I can see the concern in their eyes that they don't like it and don't want to offend me. I quickly reassure them that they won't.

When I design a niche fragrance it is of course my nose it has appealed to initially. When I then bottle that fragrance and make it available to others; it is an amazing joy to be able to share with others where my nose has lead me. 

This is for me the joy of perfumery. Thousands of noses all around the world creating a potion that resonates with different people for different reasons. Shared experiences, memories, likes and dislikes.

I am always interested to hear people's opinions - no matter how negative - because sometimes the story these reactions tell are more interesting than those who just instantly love them (though that is always nice to hear too).

Every Rook perfume I share has a story behind it. That story becomes a fragrance which I mix, bottle, label, box and ship all myself. I hope my customers feel like they are getting a more intimate experience when they shop with us and it is an absolute pleasure to share this collection with you. 

Owner and Nose
Rook Perfumes

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  • Hi mate, I have just ordered a sample set and 2 ml of rook by rook. I buy load of niche samples, spend a fortune, an addict just like yourself. I wish you all the success! Would be a dream of mine to do what you are doing right now. Don’t have the funds unfortunately. I would love to learn more as I see myself in this industry in the future to some degree. Maybe when I visit London you may have store by then and could meet you! Cheers

    Stephen patton

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