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Where science and art meet

My journey to this point has been quite convoluted to say the least. Having studied medicine at University College London and graduating as a doctor in 2010, I somewhat thought my life and career were all planned out. 

I worked as a doctor full time for a few years but gradually felt a void in my life. When I applied to medical school I was always advised that universities like "well rounded people." Well I had many passions, particularly music, which I had to push aside once in the world of medicine. 

In my final year of medical school I...

You won't offend me...

Sometimes when people smell a fragrance I have made, I can see the concern in their eyes that they don't like it and don't want to offend me. I quickly reassure them that they won't.

When I design a niche fragrance it is of course my nose it has appealed to initially. When I then bottle that fragrance and make it available to others; it is an amazing joy to be able to share with others where my nose has lead me. 

This is for me the joy of perfumery. Thousands of noses all around the world creating a potion...

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Chris from FRAG-MENTAL dedicated his VLOG to Rook this week! Check out what he thought!

Rook Perfumes now featured in the Fragrantica fragrance encyclopedia

This is stupidly exciting for me. Fragrantica is a reference I have used for years to see how some of my favourite fragrances were created. Now to be able to search my own line is a dream come true. As a perfumer seeing people's opinions and experiences of your product are an invaluable asset for growth and development.

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