I tend to keep my blog here focused on perfume but the reality is that COVID-19 has taken over from any scent related matters.

When I am not making perfume I am working as an emergency doctor in North London. We have the most incredible team of doctors and we are trying to navigate these unprecedented times in the best way we can, taking each day at a time. Our department is doubling in size over night to keep COVID-19 and non COVID-19 patients separate and more and more medical staff are recruited to keep things moving smoothly.

I have read many articles from other physicians talking about "fear." Though I empathise, I feel part of a team and a service that would literally move the earth to make things work efficiently - that actually fills me with hope rather than fear. I also feel incredibly thankful to work for the NHS right now. At a time where people are jobless and isolated - I have a job and I have a support network around me every day. Yes we are working in an exposed environment but most of us love what we do and want to be there - I certainly do.

From gestures of kindness like the scented hand sanitizer gifted to me by 4160 Tuesdays and the daily messages of support I get on instagram from strangers who know I am a doctor - these are times shrouded in uncertainty but also huge volumes of kindness.

If you have evere doubted your National Health Service; this is a time to move that doubt aside. Trust that despite what you read in the press, or hear our Prime Minister say; there are hundreds of us on the ground ensuring what needs to happen does happen. We are not puppets on a string.

Fear does not get us anywhere. Resourcefulness, willingness and thoughtfullness does.

Keep safe,

Dr. Nadeem Crowe

Written by Nadeem Crowe

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