The Moment

"Moments" are something talked a lot about when it comes to Rook Perfumes. The spray of a perfume can make you stop in your tracks and transport you to a different time or place. It makes you react spontaneously and truthfully. "The moment" was a concept introduced to me during my training as an actor at LAMDA. It is something something it took me a long time to be able to understand. 

In the acting world "the moment" is not tangible. It is about allowing the way you feel and the interaction you are having with fellow actors to be decided right there and then, on the stage, as it happens. This is not to say that one can totally disregard the intention of a scripted line or action. It is about listening and re-acting rather than bulldozing through a scene with a predefined path of intent. 

This notion can be easily applied to life in general. It is very easy to bulldoze through life on route to an end-point you have pre-defined. However in doing this you can miss a lot of the subtle nuance that may have shifted your path in a slightly more enjoyable or fulfilling direction. The idea of "end-gaming" is something we are all familiar with. "I don't want to take this job for the next 5 years because I know it will make me miserable. BUT at the end I can buy a bigger house and then it will all be worth it!" Yes, it might be. Yes, sometimes we have responsibilities which mean we have to do things we don't want to do. Yes, sometimes we just need to make ends meet or support dependents. However, sometimes we are forgetting that the 5 year journey to the presumed point of utopia, is 5 years which we should be enjoying, 5 years which could be cut short and 5 years in which your idea of utopia is likely to shift significantly. 

It is incredibly hard to live in "the moment." It requires a sort of yoga like mantra which is difficult for a generation who often live with regrets from the past and angst about the future. Somewhere in the middle, however, is a very small window of calm contentment. That is "the moment."

The current period of isolation has brought with it a lot of angst about both the present and the future, but in many ways has made the world stop and live in "the moment." It has removed the white noise that often comes with life's excesses and refocused us on the necessities which maintain us. The relationships and passions which bring us true joy, not external validation. This has been a period which started with people feeling that they must use the abundance of free time to achieve something. They have then realised that removing any pressure to achieve, to create, to succeed, to be noticed, was in fact an achievement in itself. Those who have decided to continue to create have done it freely and willingly without expectation or deadline. Something a lot of us who work in the arts have not had the pleasure of doing for a long time. 

This time of isolation has redefined the concept of time. A minute, an hour, a day, a week, a year. Something life-changing or life-affirming can occur in any of those time-frames and each should be given the same amount of nurturing and respect. We all live with a resonance, a swinging pendulum that passes from the regrets of the past to the anxiety of whats to come. Try to remember that area in the middle of the pendulum's journey - that is "the moment."

Keep safe. Keep calm. Try to live in "the moment."

At least for now. 




Written by Nadeem Crowe

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