Rook Perfumes: Forest | 50ml Eau de Parfum

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Ancient trees loom like silent giants, their leaves a green canopy of lace. A crunch underfoot of damp earth, wet moss and cedar.

Top: Cypress, pine

Middle: Black pepper, incense, green notes

Base: Patchouli, cedar and white musk

A note from Nadeem: Forest is a scent for those who love woody and green notes. This is a scent for every day with an ethereal resonance that reminds you it is there as your skin warms. The opening of rich cypress is woven with peppery elemi resin and frankincense. The pine note takes you all the way to the dry down of warm patchouli and clean white musk. A great introduction to our scent palette.

Why not try a sample of this scent with the Rook Perfumes Discovery Set (opens in a separate window).

Rook Perfumes' fragrances are vegan with no artificial colourants. You may notice sediment due to high levels of natural materials.