Rook Perfumes: Suede | 50ml Eau de Parfum

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An intoxicating scent, created for the kind of person who channels their confidence and style into every aspect of life. It’s bold and brilliant in its simplicity; Suede is an underlying current that moves beneath everything you do.

Top: Suede

Middle: Tobacco leaf

Base: Leather

A note from Nadeem: This was perhaps one of the most dividing scents in my original collection. People described it as one of the most authentic leather scents they had experienced but with this comes a true animalic nature that puts other off. Imagine a tanner sitting at their workbench. Smoke from a rolled cigarette fills the air as hides hang awaiting their transformation. Suede is a brave scent. Niche perfumery should be brave.

Why not try a sample of this scent with the Rook Perfumes Discovery Set (opens in a separate window).

Rook Perfumes' fragrances are vegan with no artificial colourants. You may notice sediment due to high levels of natural materials.