Sample Card - Sprayed Blotter

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If you're not ready to commit to a Discovery Set yet but would like to see if the world of Rook Perfumes if for you, why not order a sprayed blotter?

We will post an adsorbent card with the scent of your choice and seal it in a smell proof pouch.

These blotters give you the chance to see if the world of Rook Perfumes is for you at minimal cost.

What are the limitations? By the time the card arrives you will be experiencing the heart and base notes and won't be able to test the initial top notes. If this is important to you we would recommend going for our DIscovery Set straight away. Scent also performs more variably on skin than a blotter so keep that in mind when testing.

Forest 3ml EDP: Cypress | Pine | Elemi Resin | Cedar | White Musk

Undergrowth 3ml EDP: Garden Mint | Mandarin | Soil | Vetiver | Musk

Thurible 3ml EDP: Clove | Ambergris | Sandalwood | Incense | Musk

Amber 3ml EDP: Saffron | Cade | Amber | Musk | Tonka

Suede 3ml EDP: Tobacco | Leather | Suede

Rook 3ml EDP: Birch Tar | Ginger | Castoreum | Incense | Musk