Undergrowth Eau De Parfum: Our Bestseller

Top: Soil, garden mint, grass

Middle: Green notes, mandarin, orris

Base: Vetiver, patchouli and white musk

A note from our perfumer: Undergrowth is visceral. I wanted to re-create the scent evoked by pulling fresh garden mint from damp earth and bottle it. I love watching people react to this scent. It is somehow familiar but it being born from a perfume bottle takes a moment to accept. Undergrowth is the scent that takes people's noses back to their wrist over and over again until they finally succumb and can't live without it.

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Rook Eau De Parfum: For the Brave

Top: Birch tar, tobacco

Middle: Castoreum, cardamom, ginger, civet, agarwood

Base: Incense, ambrette, ambergris, guaiac wood and musk

A note from our perfumer: Rook was the scent I created for myself and with a little convincing decided to share. The opening is strong and phenolic with a big puff of smokey firewood and birch tar. I sometimes describe this scent as dirty/clean as the leathery animalic notes juxtapose a soapy accord at its heart. The base is woody and dark with a warm incense accord and the memory of the smoke that started the journey.

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Our Story

At the heart of Rook Perfumes is the Rook triangle. At its most basic level it represents the top, middle and base notes which make up a scent. “The unity of notes in a scent is very fragile and changing one element can tip the balance,” says our perfumer, Nadeem. "The Rook triangle logo represents unity and balance in all aspects of life. For me it is the triad of performing, perfumery and medicine which brings me a sense of equilibrium. Remove one, and all balance is lost. Everyone has a triangle, they just need to take a moment to realise what it is..."

Rook scents are all about creating a moment. About evoking an emotion, and transporting you to a time or place. “I’ve always been obsessed with scent. Scent moves me emotionally more than any other sense,” said Nadeem Crowe, perfumer for Rook Perfumes. “People go on holiday and fall in love with a place, they buy a fridge magnet to remember the trip. I buy a fragrance.”

What is niche fragrance?

Niche fragrance is fragrance without limits. By definition it is fragrance that will divide its audience into people that love is and those that don't. Rook Perfumes are not designed to crowd please and instead to challenge the nose and to conjure emotion and memories. For this reason we always advise people to start with one of our Discovery Sets which let you try samples of each scent at home. When you try each fragrance, try to write down the notes that you smell in each scent. What elements do you connect with and which elements do you not? Reaction to scent can be much more interesting than love or hate if you give yourself time to experience each fragrance fully.


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Here is a collection of the most common questions we get asked. Fragrances are very important to people and marketing messages can be confusing. Hopefully this blog post will help to demystify a few things.


1) Do your fragrances contain more essential oils or synthetics?

A balance! Essential oil are more limited than synthetic ingredients as they have a higher risk of causing allergic reactions. Essential oils contain hundreds of chemicals and we are only interested in the chemicals that produce their amazing scents. There is a popular trend for "clean beauty" products which are based on natural ingredients. Remember when synthetic materials are created they are designed to cause as few allergic reactions as possible!

2) Fragrances often give me headaches. Will yours?

This is difficult to answer as everyone reacts differently. Often headaches are induced by aldehydes which are synthetic components that we use very rarely. Why not try our Discovery Set and see how you get on?

3) How much oil do your scents contain?

You will find oil content published on some of our product pages. The reality is that with modern ingredients, a tiny amount of one ingredient could be more potent than a huge amount of another! Oil content does not guarantee longevity or projection.

4) How long do your fragrances last?

The holy grail of perfumery! Perfume longevity is impacted by so many things. Scents won't last as long in warm weather. Scents with more top notes will project more but for a shorter period of time. Dry skin will sap oil and can dramatically reduce longevity (tip: try a little vaseline as a base to apply your scent to). As above, try our Discovery Set and see if you are happy with their longevity. We personally don't think there is anything wrong with respraying a scent you love.

5) Do your perfumes blend with or act as pheromones?

The pheromone effect of fragrance was made famous by the brand Escentric Molecules. Their first scent Molecule 01 used one ingredient only: ISO E Super. The marketing message was that the customer could not smell it on themselves but others would notice it. There was also some mystic message that Molecule 01 had a pheromone type impact. The reality is ISO E Super smell like... ISO E Super. It is used in many modern perfumes (including ours) as it acts as a clean canvas and enhancer for other notes in the blend. We all have a natural skin scent and it is perfectly possible ISO E Super enhances that too. In terms of not being able to smell your own perfume - that is called olfactory desensitization. After we have been exposed to the same scent over several hours - our brain stops perceiving it as a "new signal" and we therefore find it more difficult to smell it.

6) Are your fragrances vegan?

Yes. Our fragrances are vegan and cruelty free. All musks are replaced with hight quality synthetics. The only animals we test on are humans!

7) Are you fragrances for men or women?

All of our fragrances are unisex.