Rook Perfumes Discovery Set Offer (Price Includes UK Shipping)

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Discover our collection of unique, unisex and vegan friendly fragrances with the Rook Perfumes Discovery Set. As seen in Vogue, GQ and Dazed.

Each set contains 3ml of each of our fragrances but also a £15 voucher to spend on a full bottle of scent. The only challenge will be choosing the one you want the most. 

Forest 3ml EDP: Cypress | Pine | Elemi Resin | Cedar | White Musk

Undergrowth 3ml EDP: Garden Mint | Mandarin | Soil | Vetiver | Musk

Thurible 3ml EDP: Clove | Ambergris | Sandalwood | Incense | Musk

Amber 3ml EDP: Saffron | Cade | Amber | Musk | Tonka

Suede 3ml EDP: Tobacco | Leather | Suede

Rook 3ml EDP: Birch Tar | Ginger | Castoreum | Incense | Musk