The Scent of the Metaverse

For the last few months I have worked on the most challenging scent project I have faced thus far.

The Scent of the Metaverse is a perfume NFT. What is NFT I hear you cry? In the world of cryptocurrency there is a currency called ethereum. Ethereum is used to purchase digital art which can then be collected and sold much like physical art. Instead of owning the physical art, a digital original is provided which has a unique identifier. This can be associated with an "unlockable" which can be access to a physical product.

Earlier this year we sold NFT tokens to a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation). 30 people purchased the NFT which gave them access to a private discussion group. There we discussed what the scent of the Metaverse should be like. We talked, notes, feelings, complexity, simplicity, natural or synthetic. With this information I have created a unique perfume for the DAO which is also co-owned by the DAO. This means that any future of the scent will be in the hands of the whole group.

It has been amazing to take inspiration from digital art and to create a scent for a parallel universe. I have tried to make a scent that is not anchored in anything too recognisable and that is bright, even slightly metallic and has a sense of the digital age.

I have learnt so much about ingredients during the development stage and how "space" in a fragrance can be as interesting as dense complexity.

I hope to share the scent with you one day. If the DAO allows it!