Rook Perfumes is an independent fragrance house based in London. We are a small business with a staff of only two people which means we like to create lasting relationships with our customers. Our perfumer, Nadeem Crowe, is not only an emergency doctor but also works as an actor in the West End. Rook Perfumes was born from a passion for scent and a desire to push the boundaries of niche perfume. Rook Perfumes has featured in publications such as Vogue, GQ, Grazia, Red and Dazed Beauty. Our niche perfumes are now available from the UK to Taiwan!

What is Niche Perfume?

Niche perfumes look at the world of scent differently. It is more than about just smelling good. The fragrance you choose is an extension of you. The sense of scent is so often underestimated in its power to transport you back to a moment in time or as a way of creating new memories. Imagine taking a trip to a city you fall in love with and bringing back a fragrance to remind you of the trip. Imagine being able to bring yourself a feeling of serenity because your fragrance transports you to a time or place of comfort. Rook sees scent as art in a bottle. And as with all art you might connect with it or you might not, that is what makes it niche. Perfume just got personal.


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Ever wondered what makes a perfume last longer on one person than another? Do perfumes contain pheromones? Do our perfumes contain essential oils or synthetic ingredients? Perfume gives you a headache? Read our blog and demystify the world of perfumery.