Perfume Isn't Easy

Nadeem Crowe 7 comments

I get many people asking me what is involved in creating a niche perfume company. I will start off by saying that the most crucial thing is a "point of view." Scent is an art as much as music and painting. Similarly to those other mediums, if you don't have a point of view you become drowned in a business which is already saturated. With having a point of view comes the responsibility to stay true to it. Now to the bones of it. The perfume business has challenges at every step. Making the perfume is the fun bit. Creating a...

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Nadeem Crowe

I tend to keep my blog here focused on perfume but the reality is that COVID-19 has taken over from any scent related matters. 

When I am not making perfume I am working as an emergency doctor in North London. 

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