What oils to buy as a beginner?

Following my last blog I have had a few emails asking which oils a beginner should start with. The answer is there is no "should" as such - what I will provide is a list you "could" start with that will allow you to create a complete scent. 

Essential Oils 

These are natural ingredients which themselves contain many different aroma chemicals

Sweet Orange

Aroma Chemicals 

Synthetic or naturally derived components 

Stemone - a leaf green, grassy note
Linalool - deep rosewood, woody, floral blender
Citronellol - light floral rose
Geraniol - heavier floral rose
Phenylethyl alcohol - a more youthful rosey floral note
Silvial - white floral, lily of the valley
Vanillin - a synthetic woody/floral/vanilla note
Ambroxan - woody amber/ambergris
Hedione - key component of jasmine notes, excellent for diffusivity
Galaxolide 50 - transparent white musk
Ethylene Brassylate - floral, animalic and powdery musk, very tenacious
Tonalid - white musk, think clean laundry
Iso E super - useful blender for woody and floral notes, helps diffusivity
Timbersilk/Sylvamber - alternative to Iso E, each has its own more woody/ambery facets
Isoeugenol - spicy, carnation, floral
Everynyl - warm, earthy, oakmoss substitute
Safraleine - saffron/leather/rose, complex, a sort of my little pony vibe at times
Alpha ionone - my favourite violet note component
Orivone - warm, earthy orris, heart note
Coumarin - tonka, hay, warm, long lasting base note
Alpha - pinene - quintessential pine note
Sandalmysore - warm, sweet, sandalwood note

This list is by no means exhaustive, but I hope a helpful start!