As an emergency doctor I am dealing with COVID-19 patients almost every day. Don't worry - this is not another post complaining about the lack of masks or "PPE." It is simply an account of what I am experiencing. 
The Scent of the Metaverse is a perfume NFT. What is NFT I hear you cry? In the world of cryptocurrency there is a currency called ethereum. Ethereum is used to purchase digital art which can then be collected and sold much like physical art. Instead of owning the physical art, a digital original is provided which has a unique identifier. This can be associated with an "unlockable" which can be access to a physical product.

Here is a collection of the most common questions we get asked. Fragrances are very important to people and marketing messages can be confusing. Hopefully this blog post will help to demystify a few things.

Scent has always been very important to me. It ties me to the best and worst moments of my life. As a doctor the importance of scent was always highlighted by Patients with Parkinson's Disease who often lose smell and taste perception as part of the disease process. For many this is one of the most debilitating components.