Rook Perfumes: Discovery Set + £15 Voucher

Set: All 6 Scents

6 x 3ml atomizers and a £15 voucher towards a full bottle.

Hand filled sample packs allow you to bring the world of Rook Perfumes home. 

Forest 3ml EDP: Cypress | Pine | Elemi Resin | Cedar | White Musk

Undergrowth 3ml EDP: Garden Mint | Mandarin | Soil | Vetiver | Musk

Thurible 3ml EDP: Clove | Ambergris | Sandalwood | Incense | Musk

Amber 3ml EDP: Saffron | Cade | Amber | Musk | Tonka

Suede 3ml EDP: Tobacco | Leather | Suede

Rook 3ml EDP: Birch Tar | Ginger | Castoreum | Incense | Musk

Each Discovery Set includes a voucher worth £15 off a future purchase. Please note each set comprises of hand-filled atomizers within a black leak proof pouch. These sets are solely designed to allow you to try the collection within the comfort of your home and we try to use minimal packaging to get them to you. The price reflects the per ml cost of the fragrance which was made with as much love and attention as the scent in our full bottles. As with all scent there is a risk you may not like the collection. Unfortunately we can not offer refunds on samples. 

Please note that the discovery pack will ship separately to any full bottles.

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