Rook Perfumes: Amber Eau de Parfum


Amber Eau de Parfum captures the mystery and beauty of the ancient world. Sweet saffron, rich amber, and smoky musk combine to create an unrivalled fragrance that will leave you wondering what secrets are yet to be revealed. Amber by Rook Perfumes is the ideal scent for lovers of amber perfumes with a twist.

Top: Saffron, smoke

Middle: Incense, amber, maple

Base: Black musk, tonka and resins

Descriptors: Smoky, warm spicy, amber, woody, vanilla, musky, tobacco, sweet

This scent is also included in the Rook Perfumes Discovery Set (opens in a separate window).

Rook Perfumes' fragrances are vegan with no artificial colourants. You may notice sediment due to high levels of natural materials.

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