Rook Perfumes: Thurible Eau de Parfum

Size: 50ml

Inspired by an ancient medieval practice, Thurible is a modern perfume that revisits sacred traditions of alchemy. This enchanting fragrance features notes of incense, clove, sage, sandalwood and ambergris to create the aroma of a transformative spiritual experience.

Top: Clove, ash, sage, black pepper

Middle: Labdanum, incense, rose, patchouli

Base: Sandalwood, ambergris, musk and moss

Descriptors: Amber, smoky, warm spicy, woody, balsamic, rose, earthy, mossy, patchouli, animalic

This scent is also included in the Rook Perfumes Discovery Set (opens in a separate window).

Rook Perfumes' fragrances are vegan with no artificial colourants. You may notice sediment due to high levels of natural materials. 

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