Rook Perfumes: Rook Eau de Parfum

Size: 50ml

We wanted to create something with an edge for those who don’t do sweet. After weeks of aromatic experimentation we found the perfect balance in five aromatics that provide the right amount of intrigue.

Top: Birch tar, tobacco

Middle: Castoreum, cardamom, ginger, civet, agarwood

Base: Incense, ambrette, ambergris, guaiac wood and musk

Descriptors: Smoky, amber, leather, warm spicy, animalic, musky, woody, tobacco, balsamic, powdery

This scent is also included in the Rook Perfumes Discovery Set (opens in a separate window).

Rook Perfumes' fragrances are vegan with no artificial colourants. You may notice sediment due to high levels of natural materials. 

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