The Moment

Nadeem Crowe

"Moments" are something talked a lot about when it comes to Rook Perfumes. The spray of a perfume can make you stop in your tracks and transport you to a different time or place. It makes you react spontaneously and truthfully. "The moment" was a concept introduced to me during my training as an actor at LAMDA. It is something something it took me a long time to be able to understand.  In the acting world "the moment" is not tangible. It is about allowing the way you feel and the interaction you are having with fellow actors to be decided...

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COVID-19: One In One Out

Nadeem Crowe 1 comment

The images coming out of Italy and Spain showed hospitals overflowing with the sick and dying. The patterns in the epidemiology were a warning that London was sitting a couple of weeks behind these countries. This warning set in motion a war plan. The reality is that (thus far) though our hospitals have been busy, we have not really seen hospitals in the UK buckle under the pressure. I thought I would share my observations as to possible reasons why.  I can only really speak for my own place of work but I know from friends and colleagues around the...

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COVID-19: Village Values

Nadeem Crowe 7 comments
As an emergency doctor I am dealing with COVID-19 patients almost every day. Don't worry - this is not another post complaining about the lack of masks or "PPE." It is simply an account of what I am experiencing. 
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